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This intensive 8-week mentorship experience was designed to help you discover that “Eureka!” moment where things begin to just click and prepare you for a career working with Unity3D.

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How many times have you watched a YouTube tutorial where the instructor begins by just writing code and not explaining how they knew what to write? 

They may explain what’s going on, but they didn’t explain how they knew the logic and mindset to approach the lesson topic. For example, how many videos start off with “We need a variable for this…” 

“Why!? Why do you need that variable? How did you know you were going to need that variable?” 

More importantly, the video starts out with creating code before anything was explained, leaving you to reverse engineer what’s going on.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of learning game design on your own!

Continuing the path of researching online and looking for tutorials is only going to continue leading you to more spoon-fed content and you’ll continue to feel frustrated. The reason why this is so frustrating is because the instructors never explain the logic and problem solving to actually approach the topics they are teaching. They just go straight for the code and assume you’re going to grasp the knowledge.  

What happens if you delete the script? I bet you couldn’t re-write it without watching the video again. This is because those who think they can teach technical topics are really just amazing at spoon feeding you. Forcing you to rely on them for new content, and leaving you to feel hopeless in the process of becoming a better developer.

And yeah… In 2 years, maybe some of it will begin to click…

A Legit Virtual Classroom

the Professional Game Developer certification track

Welcome to the GameDevHQ Intensive Training Program (ITP). In this 8-week intensive training program, you will learn how to build an entire game by yourself. By the end of this course,  students will be able to apply concepts learned to confidently build games and applications in C# and Unity.  This course will prepare students for an entry-level game developer job.   Here is an overview of what you can expect in the ITP Program:

  • 8-week program that requires 20-30 hours per week for course curriculum and workshops
  • Daily check-ins and reviews of curriculum with real-time assistance
  • A weekly workshop aimed at reviewing and discussing topics learned through the week – no one is left behind.
  • Instant access to the lead instructor of the program
  • A completed Tower Defense Game within 8 weeks and the confidence to continue on as a Professional Developer
  • Certification from GameDevHQ upon completion of the course

What will you learn in this program?

Even though you are in a classroom environment, you will still be required to put it 20-30 hours per week into developing a working Tower Defense game for PC.

Wave Systems and Enemy AI

Learn how to create the enemy AI that spawns via wave system, moves through a defined path, and arrives to punish the player.

Tower Placement and Upgrades

Create tower placement locations and integrate a income system that can allow the player to build an army of turrets and missile launchers.

Tower Attack and Logic

Build intelligent tower placements that attack enemy properly. Also generate 2 unique weapon systems, gatling guns and tracking missiles.

UI and Custom Editors

Integrate user interfaces and build custom editor tools to help prototype and build your games faster.

Paypal Integration & Career Preparation

After creating your main game, learn how to monetize your app through Paypal Integration. Finally, prepare your portfolio for your job search.

We asked a couple of our students to give us their opinion on the program.

I have watched countless tutorials in Unity and C#, including Udemy and others. There was a disconnect between understanding the basics and truly understanding how to solve your own problems with Unity/C#. J on will not only provide you with the tools that make you a better game developer, but you will walk away with an understanding beyond what can be picked up from YouTube or Udemy. For the first time I actually feel confident with my programming ability and I am able to comfortably display my code in order to help others...massive confidence boost! Just having access to an actual human in real time is invaluable. Jon makes himself available to help around your schedule. There are points when I was struggling and he was literally at the airport with his laptop troubleshooting my code. My goal was to find a career with Unity and or C#...I can honestly say that I am now working in the industry and a lot of that credit goes to Jon. Thanks, Jon!
Mike Brisson
XR Developer
His passion for developing in Unity and sharing knowledge is incredible. Jonathan has a talent for bringing his passion for developing in Unity to his lessons. And He brings this passion to the mentoring based style intensive training course and I look forward to attending the other courses they are planning.
Thomas Kesler
Unity Developer
GameDevHQ's Intensive Training Courses are a must for anyone serious about a career in game development with Unity. I learned about programming concepts like the Singleton pattern, Interfaces, Actions, Object pooling, and optimization. Make no mistake, the course is a demanding 8 weeks split into 1 Week Sprints to prepare you for a real, fast-paced game dev environment, but it also offers interview prep and job hunting assistance! Most importantly, however, the course trains you to solve Unity and programming problems on your own. All of this is offered for a fraction of the price of your average "coding bootcamp". Once again, GameDevHQ's Intensive Training Courses are a must for anyone serious about a career in game development with Unity."
Brian Stong
Game Developer

You are not here to be a human copy machine. You will learn the HOW as well as the WHY when building your VR application.

Our curriculum can be challenging. That’s why we have daily check-ins with your instructor. Ask questions, get answers, and get real results.

At the end of each week, the entire group will hop on and review the week’s curriculum. Ask questions from fellow programmers and build relationships.

Are you stuck? Then ask for help. Our instructor is there during the next 4 weeks to get you through this course.

We Promote from Within

the student becomes the master

Dan Schatzeder

Dan Schatzeder is a software engineer trained through GameDevHQ’s own curriculum!Beginning in early 2020 completing the 2-D Game Development and Intensive Training Program, he discovered the recession proof nature of software development when he took on an instructive role as a Lead Software Engineer in Hawaii’s ACI program, working with over 60 interns with little to no Unity and C# experience.

Within 2 months of his guidance through daily reviews, one-on-one assistance, and weekly workshops, the students were able to complete multiple GDHQ courses and projects. The most experienced in that group were then combined to create and publish their very own game in two weeks time. The game can be viewed at this link:

Dan takes particularly to fleshing out Unity and C# features in an instructive sense, and will be your resource for information in Unity Development and Optimization for this course.

Jonathan Weinberger

Jonathan is a self-taught software engineer and game developer with over ten years of experience. At 19, he authored “Learn Unity Programming with C#.” He is an industry professional, who has developed Unity games for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and several indie game companies. He is experienced in enterprise and augmented reality application development, and have created applications for Coca-Cola, AT&T, GE, and ThyssenKrupp to name a few. 

Jonathan has also delivered enterprise training to Apple, NBC Universal, East Side Games, The Home Depot, Hershey, and many other large enterprises. Jonathan is the only authorized unity instructor in the world who partners directly with Unity to provide endorsed training. His students have gone on to work for companies such as EA, American Gaming Systems, Cartoon Network, Facebook, Oculus, Deloitte, Boeing, Unity and many more.

8-week Game developer intensive training program


We want to provide each Intensive student the time and attention they need to be successful, which is why we limit each course to 20 students.  We also want to make sure the students who take this course are serious about game development – whether you’re a hobbyist or interested in a career with Unity.  You need to be able to honor the time commitment required to succeed in this course.  That’s why we require an application and screening process.  If we don’t feel like it’s the right time for you to enroll, we’ll ask you to apply again in the future.  We are not here to take your money, and set you up to fail.  

 If you’ve done any research on “Coding Bootcamp unity,” you’ve probably seen that they typically cost THOUSANDS of dollars… Sometimes more than $10,000 for a 6-12 week program!  Our goal is to provide the best intensive that money can buy, for an affordable price.  You shouldn’t have to break the bank to become a great game developer. 

Yes. You must be able to commit between 20-30 hours per week for 4 weeks. We also prefer that you have some coding experience. During the pre-screening process, you will be given some tests to review your ability as a Unity developer and programmer. If we feel like you are lacking, we would encourage you to take our introductory courses before being accepted into this program.

Yes! We offer all intensive students resume and portfolio reviews. We have built resumes from the ground up for some of our students. We also keep them in the loop for new oppurtunities that we feel they are qualified for. 

It’s not cheap but it’s a fraction of the cost that most “coding bootcamps” or a college degree would cost. Keep in mind that we limit the course to around 20 students. This way, our instructor can dedicate quality Q&A and one-on-one assistance and make sure you achieve your “eureka” moment and push through as a confident VR developer.

Competing courses offer you the opportunity to watch someone else build a game. We do not agree with this mode of education. Your time and money are far too important. This isn’t just another on-demand program. We offer a completely different approach that teaches problem-solving and critical thinking skills, along with important coding concepts that help you transition from copy-paste coder to actual programmer.

You’ll have access to all assignments and video content created forever. However, actual code reviews are only available during the 8 week session.

Yes! We have students that were fortunate enough to make it in the games industry for companies like EA & Bossa Studios, and we have several students who work for companies like Unity, Apple, NBC Universal, IBM, Ubisoft, East Side Games, Casino Industires, Cartoon Network, and so many other awesome companies.

Maybe.  As a Pro Member, if we do run a special offer on this course, you will receive it via email.

No. This is not an on-demand video training program.  You’re actively developing your skills with bi-daily check-ins to do code reviews on your tasks and assignments. This requires an active instructor committed to you.  This instructor has been hired to assist you.  You’re accountable for your time and commitment.



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